Now entering... The Venus Archival.


The Venus Archival is a personal project born from a desire to collect knowledge.

The Archival, once it is in a more developed stage, will contain everything from research to analysis on philosophy, literature, history, music, and much, much more.

If you would like to make a suggestion for something to include or update, please view the contact information above.


1. Updated novels section to include thoughts on the books I've read in 2022.

2. Updated Plato's views on rationalism.

3. Added a religion in philosophy landing page.

About Me

My name is Sylvia, and I'm 19. I am indifferent to which pronouns you use for me, so choose whichever you prefer for me. Coding and website development are hobbies I engaged in more when I was just becoming a teenager. I have some intermediate experience with HTML, CSS, JS, and Python, the latter two stemming from Discord bot development.

Some of my hobbies include listening to rock music, reading, writing, playing instruments, engaging in various craft hobbies, and witchcraft. I'm currently seeking an English degree in university.

The last two years or so have been very rough on me, and because of that I have minimal recollection of a lot of things from before age 16, including my favorite things and some knowledge of various subjects. I am re-learning who I am and what I like, and hope this website will reflect a small piece of that. Please be patient as it is developing. It's starting from 0 just like me.

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